• Standard Operating Procedure - St. George, Utah

    2017-1-23  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for: Waste Transfer Stations and Recycling Collection Centers : Revised Nov 2015 : Purpose of SOPs: Stormwater pollution prevention procedures for proper management and storage of waste, trash and recycling materials at residential waste transfer stations and recycling dropoff coll-ection centers. ...


    2016-7-11  PROCEDURE . RECYCLING OPERATING PROCEDURES . Each school building, in order to reduce the amount of solid waste entering landfills, is expected to participate in a recycling program that is student driven and supported by the school administration. Every non-school building shall also have a staff driven recycling program. Items for recycling shall


    2019-3-7  improper disposal of solid or liquid waste. When services are contracted, this written procedure should be provided to the contractor so they have the proper operational procedures. In addition, the contract should specify that the contractor is responsible for abiding by all applicable city, state, and federal codes, laws, and regulations.

  • Recycling Standard Operating Procedure

    2016-8-3  Recycling SOP, but is more suited to a smaller event. For those with larger events, the Arlington County Fair SOP may be of greater use. KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL AND INDIANA STATE FAIR RECYCLING STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE . Dates for fair August 2-18 . OVERVIEW 1.

  • Recycling Standard Operating Procedure

    2016-8-3  Recycling Standard Operating Procedure KITSAP COUNTY FAIR STAMPEDE. KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL IS THE NATION’S LEADING NON-PROFIT THAT BUILDS VIBRANT COMMUNITIES Page 1 of 37 3. 1030 15th Street NW. Suite 490 West Washington, DC 20005 kab.org T: 203.659.3000 [email protected] INTRODUCTION

  • Standard Operating Procedure - City of Hollister, California

    2017-3-6  Standard Operating Procedure . Document No: City of Hollister . Title: Administration, Standard Operating Procedures for the City’s waste water collection system consist of . California Division of Occupational Safety (City) Procedure Maintenance (PPE) Standard Operating

  • Recycling Information and Services Florida

    2020-6-24  Solely as a service to the public and Florida businesses, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) maintains the following list of companies and organizations that provide various recycling services. The information was voluntarily supplied by the services providers and is not necessarily a complete list of available services, and a company's absence from the

  • Best Operational Practices For Recycling Drop-off

    2018-12-20  The Illinois Recycling Association is the only collective voice for recycling within the critical waste management issues facing this state; we represent recycling interests at the state level. The Illinois Recycling Association (IRA) is a not-for-profit organization formed in 1980 as the Illinois Association of Recycling Centers, which then

  • Chennai: Sneezing patient may be infecting others at

    2020-7-5  CHENNAI: A cough or sneeze, which sends shock waves anywhere else, doesn’t seem to command as much fear at samples collection centres in the city. Standard Operating Procedures

  • SOP - Recycling - Coulson Group of Companies

    2011-2-22  This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the procedures workers are responsible for following to ensure consistency with the Coulson Group of Companies Environmental Management System (EMS). Specifically, this SOP outlines the requirements for recycling. All employees and contractors must fully understand and adhere to this SOP.